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Dr. Abu Sneineh, A.Kareem is a senior Pediatric orthopedic consultant at Safra Hospital, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer, Tel Aviv, and he is a Clinical Honorary Professor at the National Medical University of Vinnitsa,Ukraine. Graduated from the Vinnitsa National Medical University named after ''Perogove'' Ukraine.1996 Finished a formal residency program in general orthopedic surgery at Hadassah Medical Center Jerusalem.1998-2001 Completed a Pediatric orthopedic fellowship at Sheba medical center tel hashomer, Israel, and at A.I. duPont Hospital for children , Wilmington DW, USA.Dr. Abu Sneineh''s major interest is in DDH (developmental Dysplasia of the hip joint). He is widely known for his assistance to Prof. R. Graf- the founder of the early sonographic diagnosis and treatment of DDH .", "ABOUT_PARAGRAPH_02"=>"For his pioneering work on how to implement the Graf''s method of dealing with DDH in infant all over the world Dr. Abu sneienh was appointed as an\r\ninternational teacher and instructor in this field by the German Musculoskeletal sonography society .He is a senior consultant for the major Health insurance system in Israel\r\n(Clalit, Macabi and Meuhedet ) for early Sonographic Diagnosis and treatment\r\nof DDH, with tens of thousands examination since 1997.He is also an expert in Harkey''s (the American) method of sonographic \r\nexamination for DDH."